Using the Bowen Technique to Address Complex and Common Conditions

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John Wilks and Isobel Knight have completed a new book on Bowen (published in August 2014 by Jessica Kingsley). It is a comprehensive guide to using Bowen in addressing common and complex conditions and has contributions from instructors and authors from around the world. Each chapter is illustrated with case studies.

One of the main contributors is Kelly Clancy from the Seattle Center for Structural Medicine who has written three chapters on fascial lines, assessment and chronic pain. Other contributors include Alastair Rattray & Dr Carolyn Goh on Bowen and Asthma, John Coleman on Parkinsons, Michael Quinlivan on Sport, Sandra Gustafson on women’s health, Michael Morris on Research, Alastair McLoughlin on the importance of minerals, Joanne Avison on stretching and Nickatie Di Marco on the use of Bowen in palliative care. There are extensive appendices on approaches that can support Bowen such as nutrition, exercise and homeopathy

Other chapters include Paula Esson on getting Bowen into the National Health Service (NHS), Margaret Spicer & Anne Schubert on Body-Mind Bowen, Jo Wortley on Bowen children’s clinics, Rosemary McAllister, & Anne Winter on Bowen in the workplace, Charlotte Meerman on Bowen and bedwetting, Lina Clerke on working with mums during pregnancy and Titus Foster on Bowen and the meridians. There are further contributions from Andrew Johnson, Dr Tim Robinson, Sharon Levin, Vicki Mechner and Jean Nortje.

The book will be a ‘must-have’ addition for all Bowen therapists or anyone interested in understanding Bowen further, as it details the latest research about how Bowen works and why, and most importantly enables a much better application of Bowen practice in the clinic.

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