Posture and the Bowen Technique

by John Wilks

Posture is a major influencing factor in the origin of our physical aches and pains. Our bodies are incredibly resilient at absorbing and dealing with the physical and emotional knocks that life throws at us. However, in order for us to function, we develop coping strategies and complex compensation patterns that enable us to maintain balance and order in our lives, both on a physical and psychological level. However, these compensation patterns can have a physical and frequently an emotional cost to us in the long run.

If someone has experienced a car accident that has involved a blow to their pelvis, it is likely that this will be reflected in every other part of their body, from the feet right up to the neck and shoulders. What is interesting to observe is how tight and weak areas of the body will compensate each other to allow us to maintain balance. These relationships often change dramatically after a Bowen session.

The key to effective treatment is to find where the original organising factor in someone’s condition is located. For example, a knee injury might be occurring because that person has a weak toe joint or a pelvic imbalance, which is putting undue strain on the knee as they walk, or headaches might be occurring because of an old fall on the tailbone.

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