Working with Mothers and Babies

CPD Course

This two day workshop will concentrate on looking at the dynamics and health implications for babies and mums of different kinds of birth and how these might be addressed using various procedures.

Many practitioners have a reluctance to work on babies, partly through unfamiliarity but also through lack of knowledge of how to treat them. The workshop aims to increase confidence in treating babies and to help the practitioner understand the appropriate application of Bowen procedures to babies and to mums during pregnancy.

John is usually assisted on this course by Lina Clerke, Bowen practitioner, Midwife and Doula.

The workshop will include a discussion and practical application of the following:

  • Conception and working with couples going through IVF
  • Ways to assist a good pregnancy
  • Addressing the psoas in mothers using the pelvic, kidney and respiratory procedures
  • The ramifications of pelvic floor issues for the mother
  • The importance of family dynamics and treating parents and grandparents
  • Seated Bowen during preganancy
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning and using Bowen and movement to achieve this
  • The dynamics of a ‘normal’ vaginal delivery from the baby’s perspective and an exploration of the possible compressive forces introduced at this time
  • Treating babies who have been born ‘normally’ but are exhibiting symptoms such as colic, restlessness etc
  • A review of the basic Bowen work for the baby and practical exercises
  • How to treat babies who have been born using forceps
  • Practical application of the TMJ work on babies
  • Looking at suction, vacuum extraction and ventouse and the treatment
  • A look at the baby’s cranium – its differences to an adult and how you might treat them
  • Blood supply to the head
  • Key cranial nerves and their role in later development – how they are affected by compressive forces and what symptoms the baby might exhibit
  • Caesarian births and their implications
  • How to observe when primitive reflexes are operating and how to encourage them to inhibit using certain procedures
  • The Psoas and its role in the colicky baby
  • The role of the umbilicus and how it is cut in delivery – how to address with Bowen
  • Looking at fast and induced deliveries and how to work with them
  • Looking at posterior, ‘back to back’ and breech positions
  • The use of the kidney and the coccyx procedures on babies
  • Practical review and practice


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