Specialist Classes

CPD Course

This two day course is designed to improve assessment skills in order to be much more effective in practice at targeting the work where it is needed. It concentrates on encouraging an increased sensitivity to responses during treatment, and an understanding of what those responses mean in terms of treatment possibilities. The course also covers tools for observing gait, posture, movement (including walking) and how to interpret findings in terms of appropriate treatment. Some perception exercises will be included, for example palpation of the fascia and various important relationships to assess mobility.

A wide range of Bowtech procedures will be included depending on those that the participants are in need of reviewing and enhancing. The course is very much participant-led and will expand on issues raised in John Wilks’ book.

Reasons behind each procedure will be given and live case studies are used to illustrate how Bowtech might be used in a clinical situation. Body-language and verbal skills are also discussed.


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