Working with Scars – Bowen and Meridians

with Amichay Saller-Fischbach

As scars have an impact on the meridians or energy lines of the surrounding tissue, they impact not only on organs but also on the psyche. That is true even for laparoscopic interventions that leave so-called ‘virtual scars’.

There are close connections between the model of the meridians used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Bowen Technique. Almost all Bowen moves are performed on meridians or acupuncture points.

In this course, the German naturopath Amichay Saller-Fischbach, who has specialised in the connection between Meridians and Bowen will present his holistic approach to working with scars tissue.

Amichay will be presenting a webinar on this on October 2nd at 19.00 on and running a 2 day course in London on 6th & 7th July 2019 (Please note change of date)


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