Why learn with Bowtech?

  • The only college to teach the full range of documented Bowen procedures
  • Extensive assessments taught along with detailed explanation of how and why Bowen works
  • Part of the longest established Bowen school in the world
  • The only Bowen training organisation teaching the original Bowen technique
  • The only college to have extensive support throughout the world with an estimated 20,000 practitioners currently taught and over 100 accredited teachers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course last?


The course is normally held over around 9 months.  There are 7 modules plus a revision class and each of these are 2 days each.  They are usually held around 1 month apart to give time for self-study and case studies.

How much work do I have to do between the modules?

The course requires that you do 10 case studies over the duration of the course - each of these needs to be at least 3 treatments which are written up in a particular format.  You will also need time to practice and self-study during the course.

Are there any pre-requisites to join the course?

No, but it is easier if you have done some form of bodywork (massage, physiotherapy, reflexology etc) before so you know where the main landmarks are on the body.  Having said that a number of students every year come to Bowen without any previous experience and tend to do very well.  It is just a little bit more work for them.


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